Sumiko Sato

Composer/Pianist Sumiko Sato is a Japanese musician who has received her education and training around the world. Her musical background began at the age of 4. In 1988, she was awarded a Rotary Foundation Scholarship to study music in the USA. In 1996, she finished her doctorate in composition (DMA) at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 2007, she was a music OMI fellow for MUSIC OMI International Musicians Residency. In 2010, she received the Thanatopolis Concert Prize for her chamber orchestra work by I-Park Foundation, Inc. Her musical interests are far-ranging, from the classics to jazz, rock, improvisation and even into experimentation. She studied composition with Ken Benshoof, piano with Patricia Michaelian, improvisation with Stuart Dempster, and jazz with Willian O. Smith. She currently writes, arranges and performs with the Sumiko Sato TRIO, Rasu Theatre Company, and numerous instrumentalists, choirs and vocalists.

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