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Sumiko will perform at AEON MALL Morioka Minami. You can get a copy of the CD. First come first served. Feel free to come!
Date: Saturday, April 17
Time: (1)11 am- (2)1 pm- (3)3 pm-  (30 minutes each time)
Location: 3rd floor in front of the “ABC Mart”
Info: https://www.aeon.jp/sc/moriokaminami/event/event_e286040.html

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Here are the reviews of Sumiko's latest CD "Parhelion" by Shinichi Matsuyama (music critic) and composer Dr. Lynette Westendorf.
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Sumiko has released a new album "Parhelion〜piano music inspired by Iwate folk songs" today to commemorate the decade after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
The teaser is at the top of this website, or at the following URL. Check this out.

Out of the 14 tracks, you can listen to the "Epilogue"(track 6) from "Homage to Deer Dance" in its entirety (3'24'') below.
Enjoy the music along with the photos of the traditional deer dance and the beautiful scenery of Iwate..
This CD was produced as part of the Morioka City Arts and Culture Creation Support Project. We will distribute a limited number of copies free of charge. If you wish, please contact us from the mail form on this website.

The recorded songs are as follows:

Parhelion 〜piano music inspired by Iwate folk songs
performed and composed by Sumiko Sato

☆"Homage to Deer Dance"
1. Prologue
2. In the Moonlight
3. Fun Play
4. Journey to Repose
5. From Afar
6. Epilogue

☆"Variations of Nanbu Cow-herding Song"
7. Theme
8. Fugue (Sage)
9. Man
10. Deity
11. Madness
12. Ogre
13. Woman

☆14. Kuriyagawa bushi

☆ Homage to Deer Dance
This work of six movements was written, inspired by the rhythm and songs from Sato's transciption of the performance "The First Garden" of Hanamaki Kasuga-style deer dance, Composed in 2016 for a concert commemorating the 120th anniversary of Kenji Miyazawa's birth.

☆ Variations of Nanbu Cow-herding Song
This work develops the melody of Iwate folk songs in various styles.
Each title was taken from the program of Noh play.
'Nanbu' is a former name of Iwate prefecture.

☆Kuriyagawa bushi
arranged by Sumiko Sato

Recorded at Iwate Kenmin Kaikan Hall, Feb.22 and 28, 2021.

Studio Engineer: Tatsuya Sato
Cover Design: Tatsuya Shimomachi
Liner Notes: Aya Kimizuka

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