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Sumiko is a classically trained pianist/composer with a music degree, who is also open to diverse genres, such as pop, jazz and improvisation.
Her goal is to provide the high quality instruction based on diverse understanding of technique, musical expression and interpretation, so anyone can feel the joy of playing and achieve success in piano theory.
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Areas of expertise: piano, composition, arrangement, ear-training, music theory.

Hello Seattle friends.
I am very sad to inform you that the Smile for Japan 2020 Concert was canceled, due to the coronavirus concern, which also caused a cancelation of my travel to US.
I am very shocked that Seattle has been severely affected by this malady.
I was anxiously looking forward to participating in this special concert and am deeply sorry for any trouble and distress this might cause you.
I just really appreciate your support and willingness for this charity event.
One positive thing is that we are planning on a concert a year from now in 2021, which will be a memorable year, a decade after the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.
Thanks again for your cooperation and I am so sorry for the letdown.
I hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe and I will definitely see you all next year!

Jan. 2, 2020
"Paean to Four Seasons in Kuzumaru"

Words by Hiroshi Itagaki
Composed by Sumiko Sato
Sung by Muneyuki Sato

Kuzumaru is a name of a river running through Hanamaki, Northeastern Japan. Every winter, a giant ice pillar on the riverside called “Taroshi” is measured by a local, Hiroshi Itagaki who wrote the lyrics of "Paean to Four Seasons in Kuzumaru".
There are also a dam and a monument park nearby that were once visited by a respected poet, Kenji Miyazawa. Mr. Itagaki asked Sumiko to write music over the lyrics. This song is sung by a local choir at the Kuzumaru Festival every autumn.
This clip by singer Muneyuki Sato was recorded at the Hanamaki Koto Soyo-kai Memorial Concert on August 25, 2019. Rare recording, can be heard here only!

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