2020 Arts and Culture Course
sponsored by Ueda Public Hall (Morioka City)
Explore and Enjoy World Music
〜the roots and the new perspective
"Let's Connect!"
(lecture series of three)

Lecture 1
February 13th (Sat) 2:00-4:00 pm
Enjoy Russian and Eastern European music on SP records (appreciation and talk)
Lecturer: Nomura Kodo Araebisu Memorial Hall Director Tsutomu Sugimoto and Curator Haruka Sakuyama

Lecture 2
February 20th (Sat) 2:00-4:00 pm
Musical Journey over Eurasian Continent (Performance and Lecture)
Lecturer: Musician Sumiko Sato
Contents: Think deeply about what folk music is, and enjoy the connection between non-Western music and Silk Road, Russian, and Japanese music.
You will also learn about unknown relationships between Scottish folk songs and Japanese enka, nursery rhymes, folk songs, as well as commonalities in scales and modes.

Lecture 3
February 27th (Sat) 2:00-4:00 pm
Folk songs are folk music!? (Performance and Lecture)
Lecturer: Musician Sumiko Sato
Contents: In this final series, you will enjoy learning Japanese folk songs in the perspectives of folk song researchers, folk songs as work songs, neo folk songs, revival of folk songs
and folk songs as composition materials, the power of folk songs to support reconstruction from the 2011Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

at: Rehearsal Room (2nd fl.), Ueda Public Hall
for: Morioka citizens Only (Up to 15 people)
How to apply: On the back of a double postcard, write (1) course name, applicant's (2) zip code (3) address (4) name (5) phone number
Please fill in the applicant's (1) zip code and postal address (3) name, on the reply surface and mail it to the public hall.
Deadline: Thursday, February 4th
Inquiries: Ueda Public Hall (Morioka City), Tel: 019-654-2333, Hiroshi Miyoshi, Akiko Nitadori

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Smile for Japan 2020 - Music of Sumiko and Masa

The event was canceled
The event was canceled

4pm, Sunday, March 8, 2020
@Bethany United Church of Christ
6230 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

Suggested donation: $15

Leanna Keith (flute), Jory Tindall (sax/flute), Tim Carey (bass), Greg Campbell (percussion), Miho Takekawa (marimba), and Masa Ishikawa (piano), Sumiko Sato (piano)

This year, we are honored to host a concert by two prominent musicians whose roots are in Tohoku.
Composer and pianist Dr. Sumiko Sato from Iwate Prefecture and composer and pianist Dr. Masa Ishikawa originally from Fukushima Prefecture (and currently lives in the US and teaches at the University of Iowa). Both Iwate and Fukushima were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. These esteemed musicians will be performing pieces from their homelands as well as their own original compositions created in dedication to the earthquake and tsunami victims.

Please join us for this special afternoon of beautiful music and gathering of community. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Sumiko sato piano Christmas night in Cafe victorian

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"Evening of Music Appreciation---Another Approach to enjoy" (3-part series)
Date: Friday, November 22
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Place: Rehearsal Room, Ueda Kominkan Community Center
Fee: 500 yen
Lecturer: Dr. Sumiko Sato
Information: Ueda Kominkan Community Center
4-1-1 Ueda Morioka Iwate
tel. 019-654-2333

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"Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake-brewing Work songs) Project Vol.2"
Sakaya Uta (Sake brewing traditional work songs) Project Volume 2!
The choir version will be premiered by three chorus groups, ”Believe”,”M”,and ”Suzuran”.
Conducted by Masao Otashiro, composed&accompanied by Sumiko Sato (piano) and Ippei Ito (Contrabass).
Also songs based on Kenji Miyazawa poetries and novels, composed by Sumiko, on 3.11 tsunami by Mr. Otashiro.

October 19, Sat., 2pm @Hanamaki Bunka-kaikan.Tel. 0198-24-6511
2000 yen for adult,1000yen for student in advance. 500yen + at door.
Tickets available online now
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Kenji Miyazawa Memorial Festival (Kenji Sai)
4 pm - 8:30 pm@Kenji Shihi Monument,
4-Chome Sakura-machi Hanamaki, Iwate
(in detail)

Info: Kenji Miyazawa Kinen-kai, Tel.0198-31-2117

☆Sumiko will accompany the choirs on piano.

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Kenji miyazawa and Music
presented by Rasu Theatre Company
Sumiko Sato
The 15th Anniversary Concert by Soyokai Koto Association with Singer,
Muneyuki Sato
@COMZ Hall, NAHAN Plaza, Hanamaki
Info: 0198-24-3419 (Sato of the Soyokai Koto Association)
Tickets: NAHAN Plaza, 0198-22-4412

Singer, Muneyuki Sato will sing, Sumiko's piece 'Kuzumaru Sanka' on this show.

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Sound of Verdure
@Bank of Iwate Red Brick Building

Sumiko Sato (Piano, Composition)
Ippei Ito (Contrabass)

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Iwayama Genki Cafe
@Iwayama Genki Cafe
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Morioka public lectures
@Ueda Public Hall
New Year's party
@Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing

Christmas Concert in Bar Cafe the S
- Evening to enjoy Xmas Carols & Sakaya Uta -
Tues., December 11, 2018 Door opens at 6:30pm. Show starts at 7pm.
Sumiko Sato: Piano, Ippei Ito: Contrabass
Masao Otashiro:Conducting, Voice, Members of The Choir 'M'
Admission: 3000 yen for Adult, 2000 yen for Student, Plus 500 yen at Door.(No drink included.)
Info: TEL 019-662-5678 / 090-2278-8083(Takeda), Bar Cafe the S TEL 019-625-2440

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Hanamaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry Convention
Thurs., 4 pm-, October 25, 2018
☆Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake-brewers Worksongs will be performed in its entirety.
@Ishidoriya International Exchange Center
Members of the 'Choir M', Vocals
Masao Otashiro, Conducting
Aya Kimizuka, Flute
Masami Baba, Violin
Ippei Ito, Contrabass
Taiji Kikuchi, Drums/Percussion
Sumiko Sato, Piano/Composition
Recital: Autumn Sketches
Sun., 14 pm-, October 14, 2018
Sumiko Sato, Piano/Composition
supporting member: Taiji Kikuchi, Drums/Percussion
@Iwate Bank Red Brick Museum Hall Tel. 019-622-1236
Admission: 2000 yen
Info: Takeda Tel. 090-1068-8083

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The 3rd Ihatov Totteoki no Music Festival in Morioka
Sun., 10am-10:25am, September 30, 2018
   @Iwate Bank Red Brick Museum Hall Tel. 019-622-1236
Sumiko Sato, Piano/Composition
Taiji Kikuchi, Drums/Percussion

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Rotary International District 2520 Alumini Associtaion Meeting
6:30 pm -
@ Hotel Metropolitan Morioka
☆Sumiko will play solo on piano.
Kenji Sai
(Kenji Miyazawa Memorial Festival)
4 pm - 8:30 pm
@Kenji Shihi Monument, 4-Chome Sakura-machi Hanamaki, Iwate
Info: Kenji Miyazawa Kinen-kai, Tel.0198-31-2117

☆Sumiko will accompany the choirs.

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Men’s Choir “M” 40th Memorial Concert
Conductor/Musical Director: Masao Otahiro

Special Performance
Anthem for Sake - Legacy of Nanbu Toji (Chief Brewer of Sake from Nanbu district) - “Nanbu Sakaya Uta” produced by Sumiko Sato
Masao Otashiro (Conductor), Aya Kimizuka (Flute), Masami Baba (Violin), Junichi Tsukano (Cello),
Takatomo Fujii (Bass), Taiji Kikuchi (Drums/Percussion), Sumiko Sato (Piano)

The Sakaya Uta for sextet will be performed with the Men’s Choir “M” and three other men’s chorus groups. The choirs will sing standing around giant wooden barrels on stage, as brewers did in the old time. Do not miss this opportunity!

Also on program:
“Silver Boy’s Love Songs”, composed by Masao Otashiro
“Welcome to My Fellow Singers”
Accompanied by Hajime Inao (piano)

Cantare a memoria
Lobby Wide
Amphis Chor

3 pm Monday, April 30, 2018
@ Morioka Civic Culture Center (Malios) Dai-Hall
All tickets: 900 yen (free of charge for minors)

Organized by: Men’s Choir “M”
Supported by: Iwate Chorus Federation
Info: 090-2846-5455 (Ito)
Choir “M” website:

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Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Nanbu Sake brewing Work Songs) Concert
October 22, 2017, Sunday 2pm
(1-2-21 Odori Hanamaki Iwate)
Tel. 0198-22-4412

Masao Otashiro, Conducting
Aya Kimizuka, Flute
Masami Baba, Violin
Hiroshi Ishihara, Cello
Takatomo Fujii, Bass
Taiji Kikuchi, Drums/Percussion
Sumiko Sato, Piano/Composition

\2,000 for Adult (\2,500 at door)
\1,000 for Student (\1,500 at door)

Ticket Information (Tel.):
NAHAN Plaza 0198-22-4412
Rinpoosha 0198-22-7010
Sunataya 0198-45-3601, 019-639-7888
Keyaki Lounge 0198-42-3205
Bon Dir 0198-48-3144
Ogal 019-672-2918
Sakura Hall 0197-61-3300
Iwate Prefectural Hall 019-624-1171

Supported by Public Interest Incorporated Association: Asahi Shimbun Foundation

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Ihatov Music Festival
@NAHAN Plaza COMZ Hall Tel. 0198-22-4412
Sumiko Sato TRIO + Reiko Takahashi (Vo.)
Takatomo Fujii: Bass
Taiji Kikuchi: Drums
Sumiko Sato: Piano

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The Sakagura Festival
6 pm - 7pm @Ishidoriya Sakagura (Sake Brewery) Koryukan Tel. 0198-46-1210
Sakaya Uta CD Release Mini Concert
Violin: Masami Baba, Bass: Takatomo Fujii, Drums: Taiji Kikuchi, Piano: Sumiko Sato

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Sumiko Sato: Sakaya Uta
Sumiko Sato, piano; Paul Taub, flute; Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin; Kevin Krentz, cello; Dennis Staskowski, contrabass; Paul Kikuchi, percussion.
Saturday, January 21, 2017 |8:00 PM| $5 - $15 donation at the door
Chapel Performance Space (the fourth floor of the Good Shepherd Center)
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N.
Seattle WA, 98103
(SW corner of 50th & Sunnyside in Wallingford, Nearest Metro stops: 16, 44, 26)


Yasutaka Shibata
2017 New Year Concert
Yasutaka Shibata: vocal Sumiko Sato: piano

6pm- Saturday, January 14th, 2017
at Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing
admission: 10,000 yen
sponsored by Hyoemon Inc., M&K Production
Tel: 0195-62-2307
Fax: 0195-62-4618

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Dec.2 / Dec.9 / Dec.16
Lectures on music
"Evening of Music Appreciation---Another Approach to enjoy" (3-part series)
Date: Fridays, December 2, 9, 16
Time: 6:30-8pm
Place: Rehearsal Room, Ueda Kominkan Community Center
Fee: 500 yen
Lecturer: Sumiko Sato
Information: Ueda Kominkan Community Center
4-1-1 Ueda Morioka Iwate
tel. 019-654-2333

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2016 Night Museum Concert
"Music for Deep Autumn --- Violin, Piano Duo"
Saturday, November 26 6:30 - 7:30pm
at the Grand Gallery, Iwate Art Museum

Modern Muse Duo
Masami Baba: Violin
Sumiko Sato: Piano

Brahms Sonata, Faure Sonata, Souvenirs, Sato piece, etc.

Free Admission

IAM and restaurant 'Patio' opens till 8:30 pm on November 26.

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Lobby Concert

Modern Muse Duo
Masami Baba: Violin
Sumiko Sato: Piano

☆Souvenir (Drdla) ☆Perpetuum mobile (Novacek)
☆Humoresque (Dvorak)
☆Omoi (Sato)

at Denen Hall

Sep.16 Sep.21
The 120th Anniversary of the birth of Kenji Miyazawa(Poet/Author)
I. Evening for Music and Theater
Friday, September 16, 2016 5:20pm-8:30pm
Hanamaki Bunka Kaikan Hall
* Sumiko's premiering her composition on deer dance.

II. The Kenji Festival --- in tribute and gratitude
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 4:30pm-9pm
Kenji Shihi Monument Plaza
Nanjo Elementary School

Hanamaki Unesco pe cercle
The 50th Anniversary Concert
July 16, 2016 Sat. 2pm (Door opens at 1:30 pm)
Hanamaki Bunka Kaikan Hall
Admission: 800 yen
Ticket office: NAHAN Plaza
Info: 0198-23-5216

Hanamaki Rotary Club The 3000th Anniversary Convention & Kiku no Kai The 40th Anniversary Convention
June 7, 2016 at Kashoen, Hanamaki Onsen
6pm Mini Concert by Sumiko Sato

Piano Projects at Jack Straw March 24th!
Thursday, March 24th, starting at 7pm

Jack Straw Cultural Center is presenting an evening with Rachel Matthews, Sumiko Sato and William Chapman Nyaho

Rachel Matthews, Sumiko Sato and William Chapman Nyaho are playing piano (Steinway) and talking about Jack Straw residency projects.
Refreshments served.

2016 New Year Concert in Ogal

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