• How would traditional songs from Iwate sound if expressed in contemporary piano style?
    Enjoy the variety of solo piano works, plus sake brewing songs by a folk song master on a renovated stage in Meiji-era sake brewery.

    Sumiko Sato (Piano)
    Fukujiro Nakasato (Guest singer)

    Admission: 2000 yen
    Sunday, November 5, 2023 2pm~
    @Hamato Hall, Morioka Machiya Monogatari-kan
    10-8, Nanaya-cho, Morioka TEL.019-654-2911

    For tickets, please contact:
    Morioka Machiya Monogatari-kan
    10-8 Nataya-cho, Morioka-shi, Morioka 020-0827 TEL: 019-654-2911 / FAX: 019-654-2913

  • We are pleased to announce the re-release of “Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu) in staff notation”, published in 2018.
    This book is a sheet music of eight sake brewing work songs based on the voices of the Toji (master brewers) in Ishidoriya, the home of Nanbu Toji.
    This is the first time that the actual voices of the Nanbu Toji have been compiled and scored together with a CD. (The CD “Nanbu Sakaya Uta Project Vol. 1”, sold separately @ https://sumikosatomu.thebase.in/items/58675478)
    It is also a rare record of one aspect of the traditional sake brewing process, as it is seldom sung as a work song anymore.

    For orders, see below:

    “Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu)” in staff notation
    Transcribed and Edited by Sumiko Sato

    ☆What are “Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs)”?

    ☆”Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu)” in staff notation
    1. Nagashi Uta (Washing Song)
    2. Kome-togi Uta (Rice Washing Song)
    3. Aramoto-suri Uta (Moto Mashing Song)
    4. Soe-tsuki Uta
    5. Naka-shikomi Uta
    6. Sankoro-tsuki Uta~Henbyoshi
    7. Tome-shikomi Uta
    8. Moto-tsuki Honchoshi Uta (Mash Grinding Song)

    ☆Interpretations of Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu) in order of working process

    ☆How Sake is made

    ☆Making the score of Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu)

  • Kenji Festival 2023
    On this day, to commemorate Kenji Miyazawa’s death, flowers are offered, poems are read, songs from Kenji’s works are sung, and a play is performed in front of the Kenji Poem Monument.
    Sumiko will accompany the chorus.
    Date: September 21, 2023 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Venue: At the monument “Ame ni mo Makezu” in Sakura-machi, Hanamaki
    (In case of rain, at the gymnasium of Nanjo Elementary School in Hanamaki)
    Detail: https://sites.google.com/site/2016xianzhiji/home?authuser=0

    Violin Class Recital
    September 3, Sun.,10 am~
    Sumiko will accompany the violins.

    Recital with Sumiko Sato
    November 12, 2023
    To be announced.

  • September 23rd, Saturday, 2pm Home Concert

    September 24th, Sunday, 2pm Home Concert

  • On June 30 (Fri.) from 11:50 a.m., in “Gangan! Marble Music” (DJ: Fumiko Obara) on FM Hanamaki,
    some of my works related to Kenji Miyazawa will be on air. Enjoy the program!

  • Saturday, July 22, 3 p.m.
    @ Mazarium Lounge
    Piano: Sumiko Sato

    Wednesday, August 23
    Kenji’s World” Seminar “Kenji and Music”
    @ Music Room, Yumoto Elementary School, Hanamaki
    lecturer: Sumiko Sato

  • May 13, 2023 @Mazarium Lounge
    Sumiko Sato on piano

  • Tribute concert

    April 21,2023 @Mazarium Lounge

    Sumiko Sato on piano

  • 2023 Extension lectures at Fuji University: Thinking from Kenji Miyazawa
    Vol. 10 Kenji Miyazawa and Music
     ”From Michinoku to the Future Sphere” – On Kenji’s Compositions and Music Born from Kenji’s Literature –   
     Composer, performer, music educator, Sumiko Sato   
    Date and Time: Monday, June 12, 2023, 14:15-15:45 (4th period)
    Venue: Fuji University
    Details: http://www.fuji-u.ac.jp/area/koukai/kenji
    *The lecture will be broadcasted on Hanamaki Cable TV.
    *Online streaming→ “Fuji University Public Relations Channel – YouTube“.
    If interested in attending the lecture, contact Fuji Univer Affairs & Supervision Dept. 0198-23-6221

  • My composition “Sotoyama Trail” was recently performed in China (excerpted from the article below).
    The “Japan Festival in Yunnan” was grandly held from February 11 to 12 in Kunming, China. The Iwate Prefecture’s presentation opened with “Sotoyama Kaido,” a piece based on the Iwate folk song “Sotoyama-bushi” (composer: Sumiko Sato) by Aya Kimizuka, a flute player from Miyako City. During the two-day-event, participants enjoyed meeting people interested in food, animation of Iwate, and Japanese culture, including a performance combining Nambu ironware and Pu’er tea.