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Apr. 28, 2018
"Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu) in Staff Notation" edited by Sumiko will be out soon !
It will be the first publication of the collection of these songs from Nanbu (Iwate or Northeastern Japan).
The price is 1,000 yen (tax incl.) with limited copies. Available on this site (jump to mail form).


™What is Sakaya Uta?

™ Nanbu Sakaya Uta in staff notation
1. Washing Song (Nagashi Uta)
2. Rice Washing Song (Kome-togi Uta)
3. Moto Mashing Song (Aramoto-suri Uta)
4. Soe-tsuki Uta
5. Naka-shikomi Uta
6. Sankoro-tsuki Uta - Henbyoshi
7. Tome-shikomi Uta
8. Mash Grinding Song (Moto-tsuki Honchoshi Uta)

™ Notes on Sakaya Uta (in order of brewing process)

™ The Sake Brewing Process

™ Making of music for Nanbu Sakaya Uta / Sumiko Sato

Oct. 27, 2017
Sumiko's piece, "Omoi" for Cello and Piano was selected for the promotional clip for Washi company, "Tengu Choushi Washi".
Check out the link below:

Aug. 4, 2017
"Nanbu Sakaya Uta (Nanbu Sake-brewing Work Songs) Project Vol.1" CD Finally Released!!

Reborn Sake Work Songs after sonic fermentation!

gSakaya Utah --- traditional work songs of sake brew masters of Nanbu or Iwate (Northern Japan), handed down by oral tradition from one generation to the next but now on the verge of extinction due to the mechanization in breweries since 1950s. This is a recording of the voices of the last generation masters able to sing the songs, which was incorporated with original contemporary music by Sumiko Sato and six top-notch musicians from Seattle, USA. The ultimate collaboration of East and West, Old and New!
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