2023 Art and Culture Lectures@Morioka Ueda Community Center
(Sumiko will be the lecturer for the Session 2 and 3.)

Music of “Joy and Sorrow”
Date: Jan. 14, Jan. 21, Jan. 28, 2023
Venue: Ueda Community Center, Morioka
Session 1: Music of Joy and Sorrow as Heard by Araebisu” (SP record appreciation and lecture)
Lecturer: Masashi Iwasaki, Director of Nomura Kodo & Araebisu Memorial Museum
Session 2 (January 21) “Why are we sad? Why are our hearts so excited (lecture and performance) Lecturer: Shumiko Sato
Session 3 (January 28) “Techniques of Composition and Arrangement, Expressions of Joy and Expressions of Sadness (lecture and performance)”
Lecturer: Shumiko Sato

Contact: 019-654-2333 Attn: Hiroshi Miyoshi, Mitsuru Sasaki