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  • 2023 Art and Culture Lectures@Morioka Ueda Community Center (Sumiko will be the lecturer for the Session 2 and […]

  • Thank you for coming to the Christmas Concert 2022.

  • Christmas Concert

    December 25 (Sun.) 2:00 p.m.~, 7:00 p.m.~ Admission Free(Minimum one drink purchase per person required.) Perf […]

  • House concert Saturday, November 5 at 53 Pleasant View Drive, Winthrop Hospitality will begin at 5 p.m., with […]

  • Special performance by Composers & Improvisers coming up this week. If you happen to be in the Seattle ar […]

  • Kenjisai or Kenji Miyazawa Memorial after three-year hiatus. Sumiko will accompany the chorus for the songs wr […]

  • On 10/30, Sumiko Sato will make a special appearance in a jazz concert by Masatoshi Nakano. Please check the S […]

  • Maki Munehisa, a singer based in Sendai and active in various places, featured my songs, “Sotoyama Trail […]

  • My piece, “Gentle Volcanic Rock” is now available on YouTube. This was written, based on Kenji Miyazawa’s chil […]

  • On April 29 and June 3, Sumiko Sato’s performance was broadcast on FM Hanamaki’s “Iwa Iwa! M […]