I am very honored to be a part of the “Summit Sound” installation at the Seattle Convention Center, renovated this past January in downtown Seattle. The audio list includes my composing mentor’s work, “Swing Low”, and many, many works by my contemporary composers—Christian, Byron, Paul K., Eyvind,….which brings back the fond memories of my univ. days. Thanks to the musicians and Sake brewer masters who participated in the recording, Levi, and Jack Straw. For listening, click on track #89 on this link, or if you have a chance to visit the area, I hope you will enjoy the soundscape.

Track #89: “Kome-togi Uta (Rice Washing Song)” from “Nanbu Sakaya Uta Project Vol.1”

Flute: Paul Taub, Violin: Tari Nelson-Zagar, Cello: Lori Goldston, Contrabass: Dennis Staskowski, Percussion: Paul Kikuchi, Piano: Sumiko Sato, Conductor: Joshua Kohl.

Lyrics: Wash, wash, wash, wash rice, wash it up and let’s go have a smoke.

Liner notes: About 22.5kg of white rice is put into a treading and washing tub called hangiri. The water is added before the treading begins. Sung whilst washing rice, which is the first step of brewing. In this track, a shaker made using Iwate rice is played by percussionist.

Summit Sound is a street-level, south-facing, outdoor, landscaped area with seating. It is located on the exterior of the building, mid-block on Pine Street between Ninth and Boren Avenues in downtown Seattle. Stop by and immerse yourself in these sounds, songs, and voices seven days a week, from 7am to 11pm –