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Larger InstrumentationLarger InstrumentationVocalIncidental Music


Homage to Deer Dance *
I. Prologue  II. In the Moonlight III. Fun Play
IV. Journey to Repose V. From Afar VI. Epilogue
Variations of Nanbu Cow-herding Song *
I. Theme  II. Fugue (Sage) III. Man IV. Deity
V. Madness VI. Ogre Ⅶ. Woman
Taneyama Fantasy *
One Hundred Years *
7 Short Pieces for Piano *
I. Prelude  II. Innocence III. Wayfarer IV. Tethagata
V. Indian Tiger Hunting VI. Single Star VII. Metamorphosis
7-cent Pieces for Prepared Piano *
I. Prelude II. Elegy III. Continuum
IV. Fantasia V. Etude VI. Capriccioso
The Fourth of the Narcissus Month
Can’t Say
Under the Sunlight *


Violin & Piano
Karame Bushi(Arrangement of folk songs from Iwate Prefecture) *
Marimba & Piano
Waltz for the Little Stream *
Gentle Volcanic Rock
Flute & Piano
Edge of the Storm
Tuba & Piano / Cello & Piano
Omoi *


Violin & Cello & Harp
Time Remembered *
I. To Northward II. Triangle Island III. Afterflakes
Piano & Electric Bass & Drums
Sotoyama Trail *
Flute & Koto & Piano
Scenes for the Tales of Genji
Marimba/Vibraphone & Synthesizer & Drums
Flying Nanbu Horses(theme for a TV News Program) *


Violin I & Violin II & Viola & Cello
String Quartet No.1(title to be announced)


Trumpet & Saxophone & Trombone & Contrabass & Piano & Drums
Feathered Dolls *

Larger Instrumentation

Promenade of Troubadours(for 15 players) *
Misthaven(Chamber Orchestra / Chamber Trio—Violin & Cello & Piano) *


Bass Clarinet & Piano & Computer Generated Sound
Aquacade *


Sake Brewing Work Songs of Nanbu (Scored from the sake brewing songs of the Nanbu Touji) ☆
1. Washing Song (Nagashi Uta)  2. Rice Washing Song (Kome-togi Uta)
3. Moto Mashing Song (Aramoto-suri Uta)  4. Soe-tsuki Uta
5. Naka-shikomi Uta  6. Sankoro-tsuki Uta – Henbyoshi
7. Tome-shikomi Uta  8. Mash Grinding Song (Moto-tsuki Honchoshi Uta)
Relay for Life *
We are Stars of Sea, Stars of Sky *
Paths to the Sun *
Yama no Sinmei ni kansuru Douwa huuno Kouso *
Kuzumaru Sanka *
Ikasen Sanka *
Love Suicide *
Three Waltzes *
For You, My Favorite *

Incidental Music

Gorsch, the Cellist (Kenji Miyazawa)
Gentle Volcanic Rock (Kenji Miyazawa)
The Fourth of the Narcissus Month (Kenji Miyazawa)
Gingko Nuts (Kenji Miyazawa)
One Hundred Years(Hiromi Kawakami)